Photochemical reactions of 1-ferrocenyl-4-phenyl-1,3-butadiyne with Fe(CO)5 and CO

Mathur, Pradeep ; Ji, Radhe Shyam ; Boodida, Sathyanarayana ; Singh, Amrendra K. ; Mobin, Shaikh M. (2010) Photochemical reactions of 1-ferrocenyl-4-phenyl-1,3-butadiyne with Fe(CO)5 and CO Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 695 (17). pp. 1986-1992. ISSN 0022-328X

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Photolysis of a hexane solution containing iron pentacarbonyl, 1-ferrocenyl-4-phenyl-1,3-butadiyne at low temperature yields six new products: Fe(CO)η22-PhC≡CCC(Fc)C(C≡CPh)C(Fc)Fe(CO)3-μ-CO] (1), Fe2(CO)6μ-η1122-PhC≡CCC(Fc)-C(O)-C(Fc)C≡CCPh (2), Fe2(CO)6μ-η1122-FcCC(C≡C Ph)-C(O)-C(Fc)CC≡CPh (3), Fe2(CO)6μ-η1122-FcC≡CCC(Fc)-C(O)-C(Fc)CC≡CPh (4), Fe(CO)3μ-η22-FcCC(C≡CPh)C(C≡CPh)C(Fc)CO and Fe(CO)3μ-η22-FcCC(C≡CPh)C(C≡CPh)C(Fc)CO (6) formed by coupling of acetylenic moieties with CO insertion on metal carbonyl support. In presence of CO, formation of another new product 2,5-bis(ferrocenyl)-3,6-bis(tetracarbonylphenylmaleoyliron)quinone (7) was observed which on further reaction with ferrocenylacetyene gave the quinone, 2,5-bis(ferrocenyl)-3,6-bis(ethynylphenyl)quinone. Structures of 1-5 and 8 were established crystallographically.

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Keywords:Butadiyne; Insertion Reaction; Iron Carbonyl; Clusters; Crystal Structure
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