Formation of nanocrystals in Zirconium-based alloys

Dey, G. K. ; Savalia, R. T. ; Neogy, S. ; Tewari, R. ; Srivastava, D. ; Banerjee, S. (2005) Formation of nanocrystals in Zirconium-based alloys International Journal of Nanoscience, 4 (5-6). pp. 901-907. ISSN 0219-581X

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The formation of nanocrystals in Zr-based alloys through three different routes, viz by rapid solidification of alloys, by crystallization of rapidly solidified metallic glasses and by crystallization of bulk metallic glasses has been described. The nanocrystal forming behaviors of rapidly solidified metallic glasses and bulk metallic glasses have been compared and contrasted. The rapidly solidified alloys, which have been examined for this purpose, are Zr76Fe24-xNix (x = 0,4,8,12,16,24) and Zr69.5Cu12Ni11Al7.5. In the Zr69.5Cu12Ni11Al7.5 alloy, formation of a quasicrystalline phase was observed on crystallization. Bulk glass having the composition Zr52Ti6Al10Cu18Ni14 has been produced by copper mould casting. This has been crystallized in order to obtain nanocrystalline phases having Zr2Ni and Zr2Cu structures. The nanocrystalline and the nanoquasicrystalline microstructures have been examined in considerable detail in order to find out the nature of the various types of interfaces in them. Particularly the nanograin boundaries were examined by high-resolution transmission electron microscope (HREM) and their structure has been compared with that of the grain boundary in large grained material. The change in nature of these interfaces and their number with coarsening of the nanocrystal is also investigated.

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Keywords:Amorphous; Metallic Glass; Nanocrystals; Quasicrystals; Interface
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