Fundamental superstrings as holograms

Dabholkar, Atish ; Murthy, Sameer (2008) Fundamental superstrings as holograms Journal of High Energy Physics, 2008 (2). 034_1-034_40. ISSN 1126-6708

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The worldsheet of a macroscopic fundamental superstring in the Green-Schwarz light-cone gauge is viewed as a possible boundary hologram of the near horizon region of a small black string. For toroidally compactified strings, the hologram has global symmetries of AdS3 × Sd-1 × T8-d (d = 3, ..., 8), only some of which extend to local conformal symmetries. We construct the bulk string theory in detail for the particular case of d = 3. The symmetries of the hologram are correctly reproduced from this exact worldsheet description in the bulk. Moreover, the central charge of the boundary Virasoro algebra obtained from the bulk agrees with the Wald entropy of the associated small black holes. This construction provides an exact CFT description of the near horizon region of small black holes both in Type-II and heterotic string theory arising from multiply wound fundamental superstrings.

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Keywords:AdS-CFT and dS-CFT Correspondence; Black Holes in String Theory
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