Ooty occultations of 76 radio sources

Kapahi, Vijay K. ; Joshi, Mohan N. ; Sarma, N. V. G. (1974) Ooty occultations of 76 radio sources The Astronomical Journal, 79 . pp. 515-526. ISSN 0004-6256

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Positional and structural information derived from lunar occultations observed at 327 MHz is presented for 76 radio sources, most of them of flux density less than 2×10-26Wm-2Hz-1. Only 16 sources are optically identified. Two of the stronger sources in the list, viz. PKS 1417-19 and MSH 16-205 have a head-tail type of radio structure. PKS 1417-19 appears to be associated with a small chain of faint galaxies. It is interesting that a close group of five radio sources, each with flux density ≥0.5 f.u. appears to be physically associated with the cluster Zw 0210.1 + 1857. One of the five sources coincides with a 19-mag BSO, while none of the other four is identified with an optical object on the basis of positional agreement.

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