Effect of melt convection on the optimum thermal design of heat sinks with phase change material

Saha, Sandip Kumar ; Dutta, Pradip (2011) Effect of melt convection on the optimum thermal design of heat sinks with phase change material Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer, 18 (3). pp. 249-259. ISSN 1065-5131

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In this paper, the role of melt convection on the performance of heat sinks with phase change material (PCM) is investigated numerically. The heat sink consists of aluminum plate fins embedded in PCM, and is subjected to heat flux supplied from the bottom. A single-domain enthalpy-based CFD model is developed, which is capable of simulating the phase change process and the associated melt convection. The CFD model is coupled with a genetic algorithm for carrying out the optimization. Two cases are considered, namely, one without melt convection (i.e., conduction heat transfer analysis), and the other with convection. It is found that the geometrical optimizations of heat sinks are different for the two cases, indicating the importance of melt convection in the design of heat sinks with PCMs. In the case of conduction analysis, the optimum width of half fin (i.e., sum of half pitch and half fin thickness) is a constant, which is in good agreement with results reported in the literature. On the other hand, if melt convection is considered, the optimum half fin width depends on the effective thermal diffusivity due to conduction and convection. With melt convection, the optimized design results in a significant improvement of operational time.

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Keywords:Electronics Cooling; Phase Change Materials; Optimization; Genetic Algorithm; Melt Convection
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