Scour downstream of an apron due to submerged horizontal jets

Dey, Subhasish ; Sarkar, Arindam (2006) Scour downstream of an apron due to submerged horizontal jets Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 132 (3). pp. 246-257. ISSN 0733-9429

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The results of an experimental investigation on scour of noncohesive sediment beds (uniform and nonuniform sediments) downstream of an apron due to a submerged horizontal jet issuing from a sluice opening are presented. Attempts are made to explain the similarity existing in the scour process and profiles (including dune in the downstream of the scour hole). The scour profiles at different times follow a particular geometrical similarity and can be expressed by the combination of two polynomials. Using experimental scour depth at different times, the time variation of scour depth is scaled by an exponential law, where time scale increases linearly with densimetric Froude number. The equilibrium scour depth, related to the sediment size relative to the sluice opening, decreases with increase in sediment size and sluice opening. On the other hand, the equilibrium scour depth increases with increase in densimetric Froude number. The variation of equilibrium scour depth with tailwater depth indicates a critical tailwater depth corresponding to a minimum equilibrium scour depth. The effect of sediment gradation on scour depth is pronounced for nonuniform sediments, which reduce scour depth significantly due to formation of an armor layer, and therefore prompted study of the reduction of scour depth by a launching apron placed downstream of the rigid apron. The results show that the average reduction of scour depth by placing a launching apron was 39%, having a maximum of 57.3% and a minimum of 16.2%. The characteristic parameters affecting maximum equilibrium scour depth are identified based on the physical reasoning and dimensional analysis. Equation of maximum equilibrium scour depth obtained empirically agrees well with the experimental data.

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Keywords:Aprons; Erosion; Open Channels; Submerged Jets; Scour; Sediment Transport; Hydraulics
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