Scour in long contractions

Dey, Subhasish ; Raikar, Rajkumar V. (2005) Scour in long contractions Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 131 (12). pp. 1036-1049. ISSN 0733-9429

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Experimental results on local scour in long contractions for uniform and nonuniform sediments (gravels and sands) under clear-water scour are presented. An emphasis was given to conduct the experiments on scour in long contractions for gravels. The findings of the experiments are used to describe the effects of various parameters (obtained from dimensional analysis) on equilibrium scour depth under clear-water scour. The equilibrium scour depth increases with decrease in opening ratio and with increase in sediment size for gravels. But the curves of scour depth versus sediment size have considerable sag at the transition of sand and gravel. The scour depth decreases with increase in densimetric Froude number, for larger opening ratios, and increases with increase in approaching flow depth at lower depths. However, it becomes independent of approaching flow depth at higher flow depths. The effect of sediment gradation on scour depth is pronounced for nonuniform sediments, which reduce scour depth significantly due to the formation of armor layer in the scour hole. Using the continuity and energy equations, a simple analytical model for the computation of clear-water scour depth in long contractions is developed with and without sidewall correction for contracted zone. The models agree satisfactorily with the present and other experimental data. Also, a new empirical equation of maximum equilibrium scour depth, which is based on the experimental data at the limiting stability of sediments in approaching channel under clear-water scour, is proposed. The potential predictors of the maximum equilibrium scour depth in long contractions are compared with the experimental data. The comparisons indicate that the equations given by Komura and Lim are the best predictors among those examined.

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Keywords:Open Channel Flow; Nonuniform Flow; Steady Flow; Contraction; Erosion; Scour; Sediment Transport
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