Sediment transport on arbitrary slopes: simplified model

Chen, Xiaoli ; Ma, Jiming ; Dey, Subhasish (2010) Sediment transport on arbitrary slopes: simplified model Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 136 (5). pp. 311-317. ISSN 0733-9429

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The paper presents a study on the influence of gravity on the incipient motion and the bed-load transport of sediment. The computation of critical bed-shear stress is revisited considering the balance of forces (hydrodynamic forces and submerged self-weight) acting on a solitary sediment particle lying on an arbitrary sloping bed. Modified effective bed-shear stress and the corresponding critical bed-shear stress, which are defined to assess the incipient motion of sediment in the direction of resultant force, are applied for the estimation of bed-load transport rate in the direction of resultant force. The sediment transport induced by the gravitational force, which is oblique to the direction of the drag force induced by flow, is incorporated into the bed-load transport equation. This modified model provides a reasonable prediction of the critical bed-shear stress and the bed-load transport rate. The model is validated by experimental data. It can be applied to steep slopes and can also avoid the problem of singularity that arises in numerically calculation of sediment transport rate. Additionally, the vectorial transport rate obtained in the model calculation can be implemented in a numerical simulation of channel bed evolution.

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Keywords:Bed Loads; Erosion; Fluvial Hydraulics; Movable Bed Models; Sediment Transport; Slopes
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