Binary contour coding using Bézier approximation

Biswas, S. N. ; Pal, S. K. ; Dutta Majumder, D. (1988) Binary contour coding using Bézier approximation Pattern Recognition Letters, 8 (4). pp. 237-249. ISSN 0167-8655

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A method for coding of binary image contour using Bézier approximation is proposed. A set of key pixel (guiding pixels) on the contour is defined which enables the contour to be decomposed into arcs and straight line segments. A set of cleaning operations has been considered as an intermediate step before producing the final output. The quality of fauthful reproduction of the decoded verions has been examined through the objective measures of shape compactness and the percentage error in area. Finally, the bit requirement and ther compression ratios for different input images are compared with the existing ones.

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Keywords:Contour Coding; Bézier Approximation; Bresenham Algorithm
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