Observations on the life-cycle of a new race of Blepharisma undulans from India

Seshachar, B. R. ; Vasanthi Bhandary, A. (1962) Observations on the life-cycle of a new race of Blepharisma undulans from India Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 9 (3). pp. 265-270. ISSN 0022-104X

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A full account of the nuclear changes during binary fission and conjugation in a local race of Blepharisma is presented in this paper. The macronucleus consists of 2 nodes connected by a strand. Number of micronuclei varies from 6 to 18. During binary fission, condensation of macronucleus is followed by elongation and thinning of the middle region which finally breaks. Daughter nuclei later attain the typical vegetative form. Notably, during binary fission some micronuclei appear to complete their mitoses by the time the macronucleus attains the condensed form, while others lag behind and exhibit practically every stage of mitosis. During conjugation, from 6 to 10 micronuclei undergo the first pregamic division, the same number through the second division, and two products of the second division take part in the third division. The rest degenerate. Division products of the nuclei in the paraoral region take part in synkaryon formation. The synkaryon undergoes either 2 or 3 divisions. In the former case, of the 4 products, 2 become the macronuclear anlagen, one the micronucleus and the fourth degenerates. In the latter case, of the 8 products, 3 to 4 become the macronuclear anlagen and the rest become micronuclei. Chromatin elimination has been observed during the division of the macronuclear anlage, followed by an extra metagamic fission of the cell. Comparison with two other races from India and an American race indicates considerable diversity in the structure and behaviour of the nuclear apparatus in different races of Blepharisma undulans.

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