Plant glycosides in a liposomal drug-delivery system

Das, N. ; Bachhawat, B. K. ; Mahato, S. B. ; Basu, M. K. (1987) Plant glycosides in a liposomal drug-delivery system Biochemical Journal, 247 (2). pp. 359-361. ISSN 0264-6021

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Plant glycosides were incorporated into the liposomal surface to study their sugar-specific uptake by various tissues. Two steroid glycosides, namely floribundasaponin D, with rhamnose as terminal sugar, and gracillin, with glucose and rhamnose as end sugars, were selected for the purpose. 125I-human IgG encapsulated liposomes composed of egg lecithin (phosphatidylcholine), cholesterol, dicetyl phosphate (optional) and either floribundasaponin D or gracillin, when injected into the tail vein of rat, showed significantly higher uptake in the rat liver than in appropriate controls. Whereas the uptake of floribundasaponin D liposomes was observed to be non-specific, the increased uptake of the gracillin liposomes, as judged from the inhibition studies with asppropriate sugars, was specific for glucose, although the receptor was unable to distinguish between the α and β anomers ('anomerically blind'). The liver-perfusion studies showed that the uptake of gracillin liposomes was mostly by non-parenchymal cells.

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