Direct observation of the strange b Baryon ≡ b-

Abazov, V. M. ; Mondal, N. K. ; et., al (2007) Direct observation of the strange b Baryon ≡ b- Physics Letters B, 99 (5). e052001_1-e052001_8. ISSN 0370-2693

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We report the first direct observation of the strange b baryon ≡b-(≡ -b+). We reconstruct the decay ≡ b-→J/ψ ≡ -,with J/ψ ≡ μ+μ-, and ≡ →Λ π →pΛΛ in pp̅ collisions at √s=1.96TeV. Using 1.3fb-1 of data collected by the D0 detector, we observe 15.2±4.4(stat)-0.4+1.9(syst)≡b-candidates at a mass of 5.774±0.011(stat)±0.015(syst)GeV. The significance of the observed signal is 5.5σ, equivalent to a probability of 3.3χ 10-8 of it arising from a background fluctuation. Normalizing to the decay Λb→jiψΛ, we measure the relative rate σ(≡b-)×B(≡b-)× B(≡b-→ J/ψ≡=0.28±0.09(stat)-0.08 +0.09(syst).

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