Genome-wide QTL analysis for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in bread wheat

Mohan, Amita ; Kulwal, Pawan ; Singh, Ravinder ; Kumar, Vinay ; Mir, Reyazul Rouf ; Kumar, Jitendra ; Prasad, Manoj ; Balyan, H. S. ; Gupta, P. K. (2009) Genome-wide QTL analysis for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in bread wheat Euphytica, 168 (3). pp. 319-329. ISSN 0014-2336

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A framework linkage map comprising 214 molecular marker (SSR, AFLP, SAMPL) loci was prepared using an intervarietal recombinant inbred line (RIL) mapping population of bread wheat. The RIL population that was developed from the cross SPR8198 (red-grained and PHS tolerant genotype) × HD2329 (white-grained and PHS susceptible genotype) following single seed descent segregated for pre-harvest sprouting (PHS). The RIL population and parental genotypes were evaluated in six different environments and the data on PHS were collected. Using the linkage map and PHS data, genome-wide single-locus and two-locus QTL analyses were conducted for PHS tolerance (PHST). Single-locus analysis following composite interval mapping (CIM) detected a total of seven QTL, located on specific arms of five different chromosome (1AS, 2AL, 2DL, 3AL and 3BL). These seven QTL included two major QTL one each on 2AL and 3AL. Two of these seven QTL were also detected following two-locus analysis, which resolved a total of four main-effect QTL (M-QTL), and 12 epistatic QTL (E-QTL), the latter involved in 7 QTL × QTL interactions. Interestingly, none of these M-QTL and E-QTL detected by two-locus analysis was involved in Q × E and Q × Q × E interactions, supporting the results of ANOVA, where genotype × environment interaction were non-significant. The QTL for PHS detected in the present study may be efficiently utilized for marker-aided selection for enhancing PHST in bread wheat.

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Keywords:Bread Wheat; Pre-harvest Sprouting; Main-effect QTL; Epistatic QTL
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