QTL analysis for grain protein content using SSR markers and validation studies using NILs in bread wheat

Prasad, M. ; Kumar, N. ; Kulwal, P. ; Röder, M. ; Balyan, H. ; Dhaliwal, H. ; Gupta, P. (2003) QTL analysis for grain protein content using SSR markers and validation studies using NILs in bread wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics (TAG), 106 (4). pp. 659-667. ISSN 0040-5752

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QTL interval mapping for grain protein content (GPC) in bread wheat was conducted for the first time, using a framework map based on a mapping population, which was available in the form of 100 recombinant inbred lines (RILs). The data on GPC for QTL mapping was recorded by growing the RILs in five different environments representing three wheat growing locations from Northern India; one of these locations was repeated for 3 years. Distribution of GPC values followed normal distributions in all the environments, which could be explained by significant g × e interactions observed through analyses of variances, which also gave significant effects due to genotypes and environments. Thirteen (13) QTLs were identified in individual environments following three methods (single-marker analysis or SMA, simple interval mapping or SIM and composite interval mapping or CIM) and using LOD scores that ranged from 2.5 to 6.5. Threshold LOD scores (ranging from 3.05 to 3.57), worked out and used in each case, however, detected only seven of the above 13 QTLs. Only four (QGpc.ccsu-2B.1; QGpc.ccsu-2D.1; QGpc.ccsu-3D.1 and QGpc.ccsu-7A.1) of these QTLs were identified either in more than one location or following one more method other than CIM; another QTL (QGpc.ccsu-3D.2), which was identified using means for all the environments, was also considered to be important. These five QTLs have been recommended for marker-assisted selection (MAS). The QTLs identified as above were also validated using ten NILs derived from three crosses. Five of the ten NILs possessed 38 introgressed segments from 16 chromosomes and carried 42 of the 173 markers that were mapped. All the seven QTLs were associated with one or more of the markers carried by the above introgressed segments, thus validating the corresponding markers. More markers associated with many more QTLs to be identified should become available in the future by effective MAS for GPC improvement.

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Keywords:QTL; Bread Wheat; Grain Protein Content; SSR; Composite Interval Mapping; NIL
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