Ahargana and weekdays as per Modern Suryasiddhanta

Bag, A. K. (2001) Ahargana and weekdays as per Modern Suryasiddhanta Indian Journal of History of Science (1-2). pp. 55-63. ISSN 0019-5235

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The rule of ahargana for calculating number of days for a specified date with reference to an original epochal date, as per modern Su̅ryasiddha̅nta, is discussed. The Su̅ryasiddha̅nta epoch was started on Sunday, 1,955,880,000 years before Kali epoch. The Kali epoch begins on Friday, 1st Caitra, -3179 Saka and Brahmagupta epoch on Sunday, 587 Saka. The rule of ahargana of modern Su̅ryasiddha̅nta agrees very well with these facts. The selection of so early an epoch in the modern Su̅ryasiddha̅nta is suggestive of the fact that it wanted to fit these data into a single simple general rule for calculating mean positions of planets.

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Keywords:Ahargana; Brahmagupta Epoch; Julian Day Epoch; Kali Ahargana; Kali Epoch; Modern Su̅ryasiddha̅nta Epoch; Varahamihira Epoch; Weekdays
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