The crystal structure of sodium trihydrogen selenite

Vijayan, M. (1968) The crystal structure of sodium trihydrogen selenite Acta Crystallographica Section B, 24 . pp. 1237-1241. ISSN 0108-7681

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Sodium trihydrogen selenite is ferroelectric below -79°C. At room temparature this compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/n with two formula units in a unit cell of dimensions a= 10.35, b = 4.84, c = 5.84 Å and β = 89°. The structure was solved by the interpretation of an unsharpened three dimensional Patterson synthesis and was refined from photographic X-ray data by the structure-factor least-squares method to an R index of 0.134 for 491 independent observed reflexions. In the structure, the selenine ions have idoalized 3m (C3r) symmetry. The coordination of oxygen atoms around the sodium ion is slightly distorted octahedron. The selenite ions are held together by a system of strong hydrogen bonds. These hydrogen bonds form closed loops and may work as switching mechanisms in the ferroelectric phase.

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