Morphology of lymphoid organs in a cichlid teleost, Tilapia mossambica (Peters)

Sailendri, K. ; Muthukkaruppan, Vr. (1975) Morphology of lymphoid organs in a cichlid teleost, Tilapia mossambica (Peters) Journal of Morphology, 147 (1). pp. 109-121. ISSN 0362-2525

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In Tilapia mossambica organized lymphoid tissues are present in the thymus, head-kidney and spleen, whereas they are lacking in pericardial tissue, liver, mesonephros, intestine and rectum. No lymphoid tissue was observed in the chondrocranium and cartilaginous viscerocranium of young adults. The thymus in Tilapia is encapsulated by thin strands of collagen fibers and consists of outer, middle and inner zones. While middle and inner zones are comparable to the thymic cortex and medulla of higher vertebrates, the homology of the outer zone is not clear. At the anterior end of the thymus, a loose aggregation of lymphocytes without a definite boundary has been observed. The head-kidney is characterized by the presence of lymphoid follicles, a subcapsular sinus, a hilus-like area and lymphatic vessels. The spleen is grossly divisible into white pulp and red pulp; the white pulp contains only a reticular area without definite lymphoid centers and the latter contains predominantly erythrocytes. Morphological changes in the lymphoid organs associated with immune response have been discussed.

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