Structure of 2',3'-O-isopropylideneguanosine dimethylsulfoxide solvate

Mande, S. S. ; Seshadri, T. P. ; Viswamitra, M. A. (1988) Structure of 2',3'-O-isopropylideneguanosine dimethylsulfoxide solvate Acta Crystallographica Section C, 44 (5). pp. 912-914. ISSN 0108-2701

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C13H17N5O5.C2 H6OS,Mr=401.23,orthorhombic,P2121 21,grown from Me2SO, a=10.749(2), b=13.219(2),c=14.056(2)Å, V = 1997·23 Å3, Z =4, Dm =1.40, Dx=1.335Mgm-3, λ(CuKa)= 1.5418 Å,μ =1.694mm-1,F(OOO) = 848·00, T=293K, R=0.0538, wR=0.0634 for 2105 unique reflections with F> 3σ(F). The asymmetric unit con­tains one nucleoside molecule with a disordered solvent Me2SO molecule. The geometry about the C(4')-C(5') bond is gauche-gauche. The guanosine base is in the anti conformation with the furanose ring having C(3'}cxo (E.) puckering. The bases do not show any stacking in contrast to other guanosine-containing structures. The crystal structure is stabilized by N-H···N and N-H···O hydrogen bonding.

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