Crisis in cosmology : observational constraints on Ω and H0

Bagla, J. S. ; Padmanabhan, T. ; Narlikar, J. V. (1995) Crisis in cosmology : observational constraints on Ω and H0 Comments on Astrophysics, 18 . p. 275. ISSN 0146-2970

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Two decades ago, in an article in Nature, Gunn and Tinsley had reviewed the then available data in cosmology to conclude: "New Data on the Hubble diagram, combined with constraints on the density of the universe and the ages of galaxies, suggest that the most plausible cosmological models have a positive cosmological constant, are closed, too dense to make deuterium in the big bang, and will expand for ever…". Thanks to new technology of observations and fresh inputs from particle physics, cosmology has since advanced on both observational and theoretical fronts. The standard hot big bang model has, if at all, become more deeply rooted in cosmology today than in 1975. It is therefore opportune that we take fresh stock of the cosmological situation today and examine the observational and theoretical constraints as they are now. Not surprisingly, some of the issues discussed by Gunn and Tinsley [ op. cit.] continue to be relevant today whereas fresh ones have replaced the rest. The purpose of this article is to carry out a similar exercise in the modern cosmological framework. The bottom line in this review is that despite the availability of the cosmological constant as an extra parameter for flat Friedmann models, the allowed parameter space for such models has shrunk drastically. The observations that we will consider here include the ages of globular clusters, measurement of Hubble's constant, abundance of rich clusters of galaxies, fraction of mass contributed by baryons in rich clusters and abundance of high redshift objects. We begin with a brief description of the theoretical models in standard cosmology. For the notation the reader may refer to standard textbooks.

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