A Contribution to our knowledge of Torymidae of India (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae)

Narendran, T. C ; Sureshan, P. M (1988) A Contribution to our knowledge of Torymidae of India (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria Filippo Silvestri , 45 . pp. 37-47. ISSN 0304-0658

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The genus Megastigmus is so far represented in Indian subcontinent by three species viz. M. albizziae Mukerji, from pods of Albizzia odoratissima Benth. (Mukerji, 1950), M. cupressi Mathur from seeds of Cupressus toru­ los a Don. (Mathur, 1955) and M. dorsalis (Fabricius) from acorns of Quer­ cus semecarpijolia Smith (Fabricius, 1798; Mani & Kaul, 1972). We have collected several specimens of this genus from the galls of Calycopterys flori­ bunda Lamark and on our closer study we found they belong to a species which is new to science. This forms the fourth species of Megastigmus from the Indian subcontinent. A key seperating these four species is also provided. The plant Calycopterys floribunda Lamark is widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent. The plant is economically very important. The stems store a large quantity of water and its juice is taken by forest tribes for allaying thirst when water is scarce. The juice is not injurious to health. The leaves are bitter and astringent, and are used in colic diseases (Kirt & Basu, 1935). They are reported to cure dysentery and malarial fever (Rama Rao, 1914). They are also used in external applications for ulcers (Koman, 1919). The fruit is used in the treatment of jaundice (Kirt & Basu, 1935). The thrips Austrothrips cochinchinensis Karny makes galls on axillary buds of Calycopterys floribunda (Mani, 1973) and the new species of Megastigmus reported here either develops as inquiline or as parasitic inside these galls. A perusal of the recent catalogue of Chalcidoidea of India and adja­cent countries (Subba Rao & Hayat, 1986) reveals that no species has been reported under the genus Podagrionella Girault. According to Boucek (1988) Iridophaga is a synonym of Podagrionella Girault. The larvae of Indarbela tetraonis Mo. (Arbelidae) is a serious bark boring pest of Anacar­dium occidentale Linn. (Cashew) in South India. During our search for the natural enemies of this serious pest of Cashew, two specimens belonging to an undescribed species of Podagrionella emerged from the eggs of Indar­bela tetraonis Mo. kept in our laboratory. This remarkable species is descri­bed below. The species Podagrion fulvipes (Holmgren) was originally reported from China. It was difficult to determine this species from its very brief original description. Hence a redescription is provided here based on type study by one of us (T.C.N.). This species is reported for the first time from India in this paper. Based on studies of primary types, Ecdamua mirabilis Masi is reported as a new synonym of Ecdamua indica Walker.

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