On the radiative equilibrium of a stellar atmosphere. XV.

Chandrasekhar, S. (1947) On the radiative equilibrium of a stellar atmosphere. XV. Astrophysical Journal, 105 . pp. 424-434. ISSN 0004-637X

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In this paper the general equations of transfer for an atmosphere scattering radiation in accordance with Rayleigh's law and allowing for a partial elliptic polarization of the radiation field are formulated. It is shown that, under these conditions, we must consider, in addition to the intensities Il and Ir in two directions at right angles to each other in the plane of the electric and the magnetic vectors, the two further quantities U=(Il-Ir)tan 2χ and V=(Il-Ir) tan 2β9 sec 2χ, where χ denotes the inclination of the plane of polarization to the direction to which l refers and -π/2≤β≤π/2 is an angle, the tangent of which is equal to the ratio of axes of the ellipse characterizing the state of polarization. (The sign of β depends on whether the polarization is right handed or left handed.) It is found that the equations of transfer for Il, Ir, and U are of exactly the same forms as in cases in which only partial plane-polarization is contemplated and that the equation for V is independent of others. On Rayleigh's law, V is scattered in accordance with a phase function,3/2cosθ. The solution of the equation for V appropriate for the problem of diffuse reflection by a semi-infinite atmosphere is also given.

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