Relaxation and self-organization in two-dimensional plasma and neutral fluid flow systems

Das, Amita (2008) Relaxation and self-organization in two-dimensional plasma and neutral fluid flow systems Physics of Plasmas, 15 (2). 022308_1-022308_12. ISSN 1070-664X

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Extensive numerical studies in the framework of a simplified two-dimensional model for neutral and plasma fluid for a variety of initial configurations and for both decaying and driven cases are carried out to illustrate relaxation toward a self-organized state. The dynamical model equation constitutes a simple choice for this purpose, e.g., the vorticity equation of the Navier-Stokes dynamics for the incompressible neutral fluids and the Hasegawa-Mima equation for plasma fluid flow system. Scatter plots are employed to observe a development of functional relationship, if any, amidst the generalized vorticity and its Laplacian. It is seen that they do not satisfy a linear relationship as the well known variational approach of enstrophy minimization subject to constancy of the energy integral for the two-dimensional (2D) system suggests. The observed nonlinear functional relationship is understood by separating the contribution to the scatter plot from spatial regions with intense vorticity patches and those of the background flow region where the background vorticity is weak or absent altogether. It is shown that such a separation has close connection with the known exact analytical solutions of the system. The analytical solutions are typically obtained by assuming a finite source of vorticity for the inner core of the localized structure, which is then matched with the solution in the outer region where vorticity is chosen to be zero. The work also demonstrates that the seemingly ad hoc choice of the linear vorticity source function for the inner region is in fact consistent with the self-organization paradigm of the 2D systems.

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Keywords:Chaos; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Navier-stokes Equations; Nonlinear Dynamical Systems; Plasma Flow; Plasma Nonlinear Processes; Plasma Simulation; Vortices
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