Electron velocity shear driven instability in relativistic regime

Sundar, Sita ; Das, Amita (2010) Electron velocity shear driven instability in relativistic regime Physics of Plasmas, 17 (2). 022101_1-022101_9. ISSN 1070-664X

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The electron magnetohydrodynamics model has been generalized to incorporate relativistic effects. The model is then employed to study the instability associated with sheared electron velocity flow in the relativistic regime. The instability has features similar to the conventional velocity shear driven Kelvin-Helmholtz-like mode [A. Das and P. Kaw, Phys. Plasmas 8, 4518 (2001)] in the weakly relativistic regime. However, in the strongly relativistic regime the instability shows certain distinct characteristics. The threshold value of the wave number is found to be considerably higher than the inverse shear width of the equilibrium velocity profile in this regime. Thus, the unstable domain of the wave-number space is considerably wider in this case. Also the mode does not remain purely growing but acquires a real frequency even for an antisymmetric velocity profile. These features of the mode have been understood by realizing that in the strongly relativistic regime the relativistic mass factor γ0 for the equilibrium has much sharper variations than that of the velocity profile.

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Keywords:Plasma Instability; Plasma Magnetohydrodynamics; Relativistic Plasmas; Shear Flow
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