Some chemical and isotopic observations in chondrules

Fredriksson, K. ; Murty, S. V. S. ; Marti, K. (1985) Some chemical and isotopic observations in chondrules Meteoritics, 20 (2). pp. 347-357. ISSN 0026-1114

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Chemical, nitrogen and noble gas isotopic observations in individual chondrules of the Bjurbole (L4) and Dhajala (H3,4) chondrites are reported. The delta N-15 is +9.4 for the Bjurbole 'matrix,' ranges from +6.4 to −20.0 in chondrules, and appears to be related to the chemical composition. Nitrogen isotope systematics seem to require the presence of more than one component of distinct signatures. Although we cannot rule out complex processes of chondrule and matrix formation involving element and isotope fractionations, the oxygen isotope systematics also seem to require distinct reservoirs. The results in terms of the lack of equilibrations among chondrule minerals are discussed, as well as with the host meteorite matter, and also the paradox of the constant Fe/Mg ratio of olivines in Bjurbole and of the majority of ordinary chondrites.

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