Wavelength-selective fluorescence in ion channels formed by gramicidin A in membranes

Chattopadhyay, Amitabha ; Rawat, Satinder S (2007) Wavelength-selective fluorescence in ion channels formed by gramicidin A in membranes Journal of Chemical Sciences, 119 (2). pp. 135-140. ISSN 0253-4134

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Gramicidins are linear peptides that form ion channels that are specific for monovalent cations in membranes. The tryptophan residues in the gramicidin channel play a crucial role in the organization and function of the channel. The natural mixture of gramicidins, denoted as gramicidin A', consists of mostly gramicidin A, but also contains gramicidins B, C and D as minor components. We have previously shown that the tryptophan residues in ion channels formed by the naturally occurring peptide, gramicidin A', display wavelength-dependent fluorescence characteristics due to the motionally restricted environment in which they are localized. In order to check the influence of ground-state heterogeneity in the observed wavelength-selective fluorescence of gramicidin A' in membranes, we performed similar experiments with pure gramicidin A in model membranes. Our results show that the observed wavelength-selective fluorescence characteristics of naturally occurring gramicidin A' are not due to ground-state heterogeneity.

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Keywords:Gramicidins; Ion Channels; Wavelength-dependent Fluorescence; Wavelength-selective Fluorescence; Red-edge Excitation Shift
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