Hyperfine interactions in molecules through laser spectroscopy

Venkateswarlu, Putcha (1985) Hyperfine interactions in molecules through laser spectroscopy Hyperfine Interactions, 24 (1-4). pp. 203-221. ISSN 0304-3843

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The infrared and millimeter wave spectroscopy, laser Stark spectroscopy, and beam maser spectroscopy of CH3CN and its isotopic species will be discussed. The beam maser spectroscopy and hyperfine structure of molecules like NCCCD, ClCCD and CH3CCH are reviewed. The laser magnetic resonance and hyperfine structure in CF, CH and CH2 free radicals will be discussed. The Lamb dip spectroscopy and laser-induced fluorescence in I2 involving theB 3∏ (0 u + ) state are reviewed with special reference to its hyperfine structure. The splitting of the rotational levels of N 2 + in itsX 2g + andB 2u + states due to hyperfine interactions (along with the hyperfine structure) in laser-induced fluorescence in the B-X transition is discussed. Recent results obtained in the laser photo-acoustic spectrum of ICl in the transitionX 1+ −A 31 will be presented and the possibility of the use of this technique in studying the hyperfine structure will be discussed.

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