Optical absorption of Co2+ doped NH4Cl: phase transformation studies

Narayana, P. A. ; Venkateswarlu, Putcha (1970) Optical absorption of Co2+ doped NH4Cl: phase transformation studies Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Section A, 72 (6). pp. 249-260. ISSN 0370-0089

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The absorption spectrum of Co2+ doped NH4Cl has been studied from the room temperature to the liquid nitrogen temperature. A sudden change in the spectrum is observed between 243° K and 233° K which is attributed to the phase transition in the crystal. From the observed spectrum it is suggested that Co2+ goes in interstitially as well as substitutionally. Both the types of centers exist at room temperature, but with decrease in temperature substitutional ions migrate to interstitial sites, the process being stimulated at the phase transformation point so that the 77° K spectrum seems to be mostly due to the interstitial centers. The 77° K spectrum is analyzed in the approximation of octahedral symmetry for interstitial ions and the band positions are fitted fairly well with B = 870 cm.−1 Dq = 850 cm.−1 and C = 4·4 B. A blue shift of about 100 cm.−1 is observed for4T1 (P) band at the phase transition which is attributed to the increase in Dq value with the anomalous lattice contraction at the phase transition. The decrease in the lattice parameter calculated from this blue shift is around 0·4% which is in good agreement with the results of X-ray measurements. Two possible models for the interstitial complex are examined and the one with fourfold chlorine coordination associated with two neutral water molecules at the first neighbour (NH4)+ site lying along < 100> direction is suggested to be more probable.

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