Effects of chromium on the resident gut bacteria of rat

Shrivastava, Richa ; Kannan, A. ; Upreti, R. K. ; Chaturvedi, U. C. (2005) Effects of chromium on the resident gut bacteria of rat Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, 15 (3). pp. 211-218. ISSN 1537-6516

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The major nonoccupational source of chromium (Cr) for humans is through ingestion with food and water, but its effect on the gut microflora has not been studied. The present study was, therefore, undertaken to investigate the effects of chronic ingestion of potassium dichromate (chromium VI) on the resident gut bacteria of male Wistar rats. A group of rats was kept on drinking water containing 10 ppm chromium VI (Cr [VI]) (called Cr-stressed animals) and the other group was given plain water. After 10 weeks, Lactobacillus, Pseudomonas sp., and Escherichia coli were isolated from the cecum of the rats and various studies were performed. The most significant findings of the present study were the stimulation of growth of facultative gut bacteria from the Cr-stressed rats and the significant increase of growth even in the presence of lower concentrations of Cr. Furthermore, the capacity to reduce Cr (VI) was significantly decreased along with the increased tolerance of the bacteria to Cr (higher minimum inhibitory concentration [MIC] values), which was associated with the development of antibiotic resistance. The effects were most marked with the Pseudomonas sp. and least with the E. coli. The antibiotic resistance developed with the Lactobacillus may be a blessing in disguise, because the bacteria may continue to provide benefits even in patients given antibiotic therapy. The gut bacteria thus provide the first line of defense to the body by converting toxic Cr (VI) to a less toxic Cr (III) and may act as a prebiotic.

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Keywords:Gut Microflora; Intestinal Bacteria; Lactobacillus; Pseudomonas; Escherichia coli; Chromium Resistance; Chromium (VI) Reduction
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