Measurement of the lifetime difference in the Bs0 system

Abazov, V. M. ; Mondal, N. K. ; et., al (2005) Measurement of the lifetime difference in the Bs0 system Physical Review Letters, 95 (17). 171801_1-171801_7. ISSN 0031-9007

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We present a study of the decay Bs0→J/ψø. We obtain the CP-odd fraction in the final state at time zero, R⊥=0.16± 0.10(stat)±0.02(syst), the average lifetime of the (Bs0, B‾ s0) system, t‾ (Bs0)=1.39-0.16+0.13(stat)-0.02 +0.01(syst) ps, and the relative width difference between the heavy and light mass eigenstates, ΔΓ/Γ‾=(Γ LH)/Γ‾=0.24-0.38+0.28(stat) -0.04+0.03(syst). With the additional constraint from the world average of the Bs0 lifetime measurements using semileptonic decays, we find t‾ (Bs0)=1.39±0.06 ps and ΔΓ/Γ‾ =0.25-0.15+0.14. For the ratio of the Bs0 and B0 lifetimes we obtain t‾(Bs0)/t(B0)=0.91±0.09(stat) ±0.003(syst).

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