Adsorption of xanthene dyes by lysozyme crystals

Cvetkovic, Aleksandar ; Straathof, Adrie J. J. ; Krishna, Rajamani ; van der Wielen, Luuk A. M. (2005) Adsorption of xanthene dyes by lysozyme crystals Langmuir, 21 (4). pp. 1475-1480. ISSN 0743-7463

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Adsorption characteristics of cross-linked lysozyme crystals of different morphologies (tetragonal, orthorhombic, triclinic and monoclinic) were examined using four anionic dyes (fluorescein, eosin, erythrosin, and rose bengal), one zwitterionic dye (rhodamine B), and one cationic dye (rhodamine 6G). The adsorption isotherms were of the Langmuir type for all examined systems with the exception of rhodamine B adsorption by monoclinic crystals. The weakest adsorption was observed for the cationic dye, rhodamine B, whereas dianionic dyes, eosin, rose bengal, and erythrosin were strongly adsorbed on the protein surface. The adsorption capacities of the crystals for the dyes were found to depend on both charge and hydrophobicity of the dye, reflecting the heterogeneous character of the lysozyme pore surface. The adsorption affinity of the crystals for the dyes was a function of the dyes' hydrophobicity. Furthermore, the crystal morphology was identified as an additional factor determining capacity and affinity for dye adsorption. Differences between crystals prepared in the presence of the same precipitant were lower than between morphologies prepared with different precipitants.

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