6,7,6',7'-Tetraphenyl-2,2'-bi[1,3-dithia-5,8-diazacyclopenta[b]naphthalenylidene] chloroform disolvate

Bolligarla, R. ; Durgaprasad, G. ; Das, S. K. (2011) 6,7,6',7'-Tetraphenyl-2,2'-bi[1,3-dithia-5,8-diazacyclopenta[b]naphthalenylidene] chloroform disolvate Acta Crystallographica Section E, E67 (9). o2231-o2232. ISSN 1600-5368

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The title compound, C42H24N4S4·2CHCl3, a symmetrical tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) derivative, was prepared by a triethylphosphite-mediated self-coupling reaction of 6,7-diphenyl-1,3-dithia-5,8-diazacyclopenta[b]napthalen-2-one. The asymmetric unit contains two TTF molecules and four chloroform solvent molecules. Cl···Cl interactions [contact distances = 3.263 (1)-3.395 (2) Å] are present between the solvent molecules, resulting in a tape along the bc plane. The crystal packing features weak C-H···Cl and C-H···N hydrogen bonds, resulting in the formation of a two-dimensional supramolecular network.

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