Synthesis, structure and properties of a new Zintl phase: SrLiSb

Gupta, Shalabh ; Ganguli, Ashok K. (2006) Synthesis, structure and properties of a new Zintl phase: SrLiSb Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 179 (5). pp. 1318-1322. ISSN 0022-4596

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A new ternary antimonide SrLiSb has been synthesized and characterized using single-crystal X-ray studies. It is found to crystallize in the anti-PbCl2 structure type with orthorhombic cell (centrosymmetric S.G., Pnma; a=8.0408(8)Å b = 4.8145(5)Å c=8.4517(9)Å and is isostructural to its calcium analogue (CaLiSb). However, BaLiSb has been reported to crystallize in the hexagonal space group P63/mmc. As in the Ca and Ba analogues, antimony is present as isolated Sb3− ions making SrLiSb electron precise and hence is expected to behave as a classical Zintl compound. The magnetic susceptibility measurements show the diamagnetic nature and the conductivity is temperature independent, both verifying the classical Zintl nature of SrLiSb.

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Keywords:Antimonide; Crystal Structure; Anti-PbCl2 Structure; Trigonal Prisms; Magnetic Susceptibility
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