Single crystal structure and electrical properties of Cu8Ni4Sn12S32

Garg, G. ; Bobev, S. ; Ganguli, A. K. (2001) Single crystal structure and electrical properties of Cu8Ni4Sn12S32 Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 327 (1-2). pp. 113-115. ISSN 0925-8388

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Starting from pure metals and sulphur in evacuated silica tubes single crystals of Cu8Ni4Sn12S32 have been obtained by heating at 750°C. It crystallizes in the Fd3̅ m space group with Z=1 and a=10.3022 (6) Å. The atomic parameters and anisotropic thermal parameters were refined to give a final R value of 0.0157. The mode of filling of tetrahedral and octahedral cavities of the anionic close packing has been analyzed taking their sizes into account. The difference in space groups for the analogous Fe and Cd thiospinels (I41/a) compared to that of the title compound (Fd3̅ m) appears to be due to the larger size of the Fe2+ (HS) and Cd2+ ions leading to distorted octahedra. Cu8Ni4Sn12S32 shows semiconducting behavior with resistivity of 102 Ω-cm at room temperature with a small band gap (~0.05 eV).

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Keywords:Electrode Materials; Crystal Structure and Symmetry; X-ray Diffraction; Electronic Transport
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