Concerning the Ca2−xMgxTt systems, Tt=Sn, Pb

Ganguli, Ashok K. ; Guloy, Arnold M. ; Corbett, John D. (2000) Concerning the Ca2−xMgxTt systems, Tt=Sn, Pb Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 152 (2). pp. 474-477. ISSN 0022-4596

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The Ca2Tt-Mg2Tt systems for tetrel Tt=Sn, Pb each contain a single Ca2−xMgxTt phase with the Co2Si structure (Pnma) over 0≤x≤1, beyond which Mg2Tt (inverse CaF2-type, x=2) appear. At x=1, Mg occupies the unique position in the tricapped trigonal prisms (TCTP) of cations about tin that is not involved in the formation of chains of edge-shared prisms, but rather it participates in interchain bonding via face-capping functions on adjoining trigonal prisms. This substitution produces notably less distortion in the TCTP units than in Ca2Tt. Resistivity data for the tin system show changes from a semiconductor for Ca2Sn to a poor metal at CaMgSn, ρ~180 μΩ cm at 240 K. Only very small and approximately temperature-independent magnetic susceptibilities are found over the same range, values that are only fractions of the standard diamagnetic core corrections. The systems behave as typical Zintl phases containing Ca2+, Mg2+, and Tt4− oxidation states.

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