Conduction-electron polarization in rare earth-platinum alloys

Vijayaraghavan, R. ; Udaya Shankar Rao, V. ; Malik, S. K. ; Marathe, V. R. (1968) Conduction-electron polarization in rare earth-platinum alloys Journal of Applied Physics, 39 (2). pp. 1086-1088. ISSN 0021-8979

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Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of 195Pt in the rare-earth-platinum intermetallic compounds of the composition RPt2 and RPt5 (R=La, Ce, Pr, and Nd) have been made in the temperature range 80° to 300°K. They have the cubic (MgCu2 type) and the hexagonal (CaCu5 type) Laves structures, respectively. In RPt5 componuds, there are two inequivalent platinum sites and correspondingly, two 195Pt resonances are observed in each compound. The platinum Knight shifts which are positive, are strongly temperature dependent in all but the lanthanum compounds. The magnetic susceptibilities have been measured in the same temperature range. The Knight shift (K) versus susceptibility curves are straight lines, intersecting the K axis at K0, corresponding to the lanthanum compounds. The EPR of Gd3+ in GdPt2 has been observed and a g value of 1.8735 has been obtained. The paramagnetic Curie temperatures are positive for RPt2 compounds and negative for the others. The results have been discussed in terms of the RKKY theory and the Anderson-Clogston mixing. Values of J(0) have been obtained for the two sets of intermetallic compounds.

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