Tubulin gene expression during synaptogenesis in rat, mouse and chick brain

Bhattacharya, B. ; Sarkar, P. K. (1991) Tubulin gene expression during synaptogenesis in rat, mouse and chick brain International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 9 (1). pp. 89-93. ISSN 0736-5748

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Studies on tubulin gene expression in brains from three different species, viz rat, mouse and chick, varying with respect to their periods of synaptogenesis, show that the rise and fall in the level of tubulin during synaptogenesis is closely parallel to that of tubulin mRNA. In all three species, the onset of synaptogenesis is accompanied by a dramatic rise in the level of tubulin which continues till the midphase and then declines to adult level by the end of synaptogenesis. The chick α- and β-tubulin coding region probes, pT1 and pT2, which have a 80-90% homology with rat/mouse sequences, were employed to determine the overall levels of α- and β-tubulin mRNA in all samples. Quantitation of tubulin mRNA by dot hybridization revealed a closely parallel change in the levels of both α- and β-tubulin mRNA. In analogy with that of tubulin, the mRNA levels in rat and mouse brain increased progressively from birth till postnatal day 5 and that in the chick brain increased from day 7 till day 11 of embryonic development. In all three cases, the peak levels of tubulin mRNA corresponded closely with the midphase of synaptogenesis and declined almost to adult levels by the end of synaptogenesis. The sudden decline in the level of tubulin as well as its mRNA during the middle of synaptogenesis suggests that the repression of tubulin gene expression is neither due to cessation of cell division nor cell differentiation. Instead, it is likely to be due to the autoregulatory property of tubulin which leads to rapid turnover of its own mRNA when a sufficient level of intracellular tubulin accumulates during the midphase of synaptogenesis.

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