Nonlinear optical properties in calix[n]arenes: orientation effects of monomers

Datta, Ayan ; Pati, Swapan K. (2005) Nonlinear optical properties in calix[n]arenes: orientation effects of monomers Chemistry - A European Journal, 11 (17). pp. 4961-4969. ISSN 0947-6539

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We investigate the nonlinear optical (NLO) polarizations for various geometric arrangements of the dipolar chromophores in a calix[n]arene geometry. The interactions were studied by using (HF)3 as model compounds both in parallel and frustrated orientations. The interdipolar angle between the monomer molecules is varied so that many different arrangements of the dipoles can be realized which is associated with the opening up of the calix[n]arene rings. Quantum-chemical calculations at both ab initio and semiempirical levels, show that the all-parallel arrangement of the dipoles exhibit the maximum magnitude for the nonlinear optical coefficients at small interdipolar angles for all interdipolar distances. In the frustrated orientations however, the NLO response is maximum at large interdipolar angles corresponding to the flattened calix[n]arene rings. The role of hydrogen bonding in stabilizing these assemblies in various conformations has been investigated. Crystallographic database analysis for calix[3]arenes shows that optical properties in real molecular systems can be modeled based on our simple interaction theory.

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Keywords:ab Initio Calculations; Calixarenes; Crystal Engineering; dipole-dipole Interactions; Nonlinear Optics
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