Ionic melts with waterlike anomalies: hermodynamitc properties of liquid BeF2

Agarwal, Manish ; Sharma, Ruchi ; Chakravarty, Charusita (2007) Ionic melts with waterlike anomalies: hermodynamitc properties of liquid BeF2 Journal of Chemical Physics, 127 (16). 164502_1-164502_10. ISSN 0021-9606

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Thermodynamic properties of liquid beryllium difluoride (BeF) are studied using canonical ensemble molecular dynamics simulations of the transferable rigid ion model potential. The negative slope of the locus of points of maximum density in the temperature-pressure plane is mapped out. The excess entropy, computed within the pair correlation approximation, is found to show an anomalous increase with isothermal compression at low temperatures which will lead to diffusional as well as structural anomalies resembling those in water. The anomalous behavior of the entropy is largely connected with the behavior of the Be-F pair correlation function. The internal energy shows a T temperature dependence. The pair correlation entropy shows a T temperature dependence only at high densities and temperatures. The correlation plots between internal energy and the pair correlation entropy for isothermal compression show the characteristic features expected of network-forming liquids with waterlike anomalies. The tagged particle potential energy distributions are shown to have a multimodal form at low temperatures and densities similar to those seen in other liquids with three-dimensional tetrahedral networks, such as water and silica.

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