Interaction between the phage HK022 Nun protein and the nut RNA of phage λ

Chattopadhyay, S. ; Hung, S. C. ; Stuart, A. C. ; Palmer III, A. G. ; Garcia-Mena, J. ; Das, A. ; Gottesman, M. E. (1995) Interaction between the phage HK022 Nun protein and the nut RNA of phage λ PNAS, 92 (26). pp. 12131-12135. ISSN 0027-8424

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The nun gene product of prophage HK022 excludes phage λ infection by blocking the expression of genes downstream from the λ nut sequence. The Nun protein functions both by competing with λ N transcription-antitermination protein and by actively inducing transcription termination on the λ chromosome. We demonstrate that Nun binds directly to a stem-loop structure within nut RNA, boxB, which is also the target for the N antiterminator. The two proteins show comparable affinities for boxB and they compete with each other. Their interactions with boxB are similar, as shown by RNase protection experiments, NMR spectroscopy, and analysis of boxB mutants. Each protein binds the 5' strand of the boxB stem and the adjacent loop. The stem does not melt upon the binding of Nun or N, as the 3' strand remains sensitive to a double-strand-specific RNase. The binding of RNA partially protects Nun from proteolysis and changes its NMR spectra. Evidently, although Nun and N bind to the same surface of boxB RNA, their respective complexes interact differently with RNA polymerase, inducing transcription termination or antitermination, respectively.

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