Pentacoordinate cationic molybdenum(I) complexes

Sarkar, Sabyasachi ; Subramanian, Periyaswamy (1986) Pentacoordinate cationic molybdenum(I) complexes Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 14 (3). pp. 275-276. ISSN 0095-8972

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The nitrosylmolybdenum complexes so far characterized, and which contain formally Mo(I), have a coordination number of six.1,2 The hexacoordinate structure of Cs2[Mo(NO)Cl4(H2O)], as predicted by vibrational spectroscopy1, was confirmed by X-ray structural determination.3 The {MoNO}4 group has been stabilized by several geometries ranging from a five to a seven coordination number.3-5 Interestingly, these complexes show 14-, 16-and 18-electron configurations. The {MoNO}5 group so far has been stabilized by hexacoordination having a 17-electron configuration. The present report deals with the synthesis and characterization of [Mo(NO)(L-L)2[Cl2 (L-L=phen or bipy) with pentacoordination and having a 15-electron configuration. Five coordination is hitherto unknown for Mo(I) complexes.

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