A 9 month long soft X-ray survey of the large magellanic cloud. I. X-ray map at ¼ keV

Singh, K. P. ; Nousek, J. A. ; Burrows, D. N. ; Garmire, G. P. (1987) A 9 month long soft X-ray survey of the large magellanic cloud. I. X-ray map at ¼ keV The Astrophysical Journal, 313 . pp. 185-191. ISSN 0004-637X

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We present a ¼ keV X-ray map of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) obtained from 9 months of scanning observations with the HEAO 1 low energy detectors. This soft X-ray map is the most sensitive ¼ keV survey of this region yet reported. A detailed comparison of the ¼ keV X-ray observations with the neutral hydrogen column densities in the LMC obtained from a new 21 cm line survey shows no evidence for absorption effects is found, which in the ¼ keV X-ray flux from the LMC due to the neutral matter in the LMC. Instead, faint X-ray emission invalidates attempts to use the LMC to measure any hypothetical cosmic ¼ keV X-ray background, at least for instruments which are unable to spatially resolve the LMC emission. The extent of the observed emission is smaller than the size of the halo (24°) or the disk (14°) of the LMC. Assuming this ¼ keV emission to be diffuse, we identify it with two large regions in the LMC- a supergiant shell of optical nebulosity known as Shapely III and the bar of the LMC. The X-ray luminosities of these two regions are estimated to be 3.4×1037 ergs s−1 and 7.2×1037 ergs s−1 (0.1-1.0 keV), respectively. Shapely III could be the first X-ray superbubble observed in an external galaxy.

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Keywords:Astronomical Maps; Magellanic Clouds; X Ray Spectra; HEAO 1; Hydrogen; Nebulae; Neutral Gases; Supernova Remnants; Visible Spectrum
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