Observations of interplanetary scintillations at 327 MHz

Pramesh, A. Rao ; Bhandari, S. M. ; Ananthakrishnan, S. (1974) Observations of interplanetary scintillations at 327 MHz Australian Journal of Physics, 27 . pp. 105-120. ISSN 0004-9506


Official URL: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1974AuJPh..27..105P


The properties of the interplanetary medium and the structure of 9 compact radio sources have been derieved from the observed interplanetary scintillations at 327 MHz using the Ooty radio telescope. The observed scale size of the electron density irregularities has a value of 100km in the elongation range 0.3-0.7 A. U and shows no indication of increasing with elongation,as has been suggested by Hewish and Symonds (1969). The Bessel transforms of intensity fluctuations could seldom be used for estimating the solar wind velocity since the minima corresponding to the Fresnel filtering effect were rarely seen. The study of the skewness parameter of the probability distribution of intensity fluctuations at 327 MHz indicates that for elongations between 0.2 and 0.35 A. U the thin screen model is satisfactory, but for large elongations no clear conclusions can be drawn.

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