Photosensory perception and signal transduction in higher plants - molecular genetic analysis

Khurana, Jitendra P. ; Kochhar, Anju ; Tyagi, Akhilesh K. (1998) Photosensory perception and signal transduction in higher plants - molecular genetic analysis Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 17 (5). pp. 465-539. ISSN 0735-2689

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Light plays a crucial role throughout the life cycle of higher plants modulating various aspects of their growth and development, such as seed germination, leaf differentiation, flowering, and senescence. Plants have thus evolved extremely sensitive mechanisms to continually detect the changing ambient light conditions and transduce the information to the gene expression machinery. The elucidation of this complex information sensing and transduction machinery is fundamental to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in light-regulated plant development. The last decade has witnessed an immense upsurge in information in this regard and the mechanism of photosensory perception and phototransduction is turning out to be quite intricate, involving an array of cellular effectors and biochemical messengers. The analysis of photomorphogenic mutants, predominantly of Arabidopsis , has revealed interesting facts, not only about the intricacies of light signaling circuitry, but also about the multiplicity of the photoreceptors and their specialized or overlapping photosensory functions. In addition, these studies have also highlighted, and in some cases even redefined, the role of conventional plant growth regulators in modulating photomorphogenic development. Employing standard recombinant DNA techniques, substantial information has also become available about the regulatory cis -acting DNA sequences that make a gene amenable to light control and the trans -acting protein factors that can potentially interact with these cis -acting sequences on receiving the signal from the upstream transduction components. The information available to date on these emerging trends in photomorphogenesis research has been summarized and critically evaluated in this review.

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Keywords:Cryptochromes/Blue Light Receptors; Gene Expression; Light; Mutants; Phyto-chromes; Plant Growth Regulators; Sensory Photoreceptors; Signal Transduction; UV-B Receptors
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