Mapping of a major QTL for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance on chromosome 3A in bread wheat

Kulwal, P. L. ; Kumar, N. ; Gaur, A. ; Khurana, P. ; Khurana, J. P. ; Tyagi, A. K. ; Balyan, H. S. ; Gupta, P. K. (2005) Mapping of a major QTL for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance on chromosome 3A in bread wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics (TAG), 111 (6). pp. 1052-1059. ISSN 0040-5752

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Quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis was conducted for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance (PHST) in bread wheat for a solitary chromosome 3A, which was shown to be important for this trait in earlier studies. An intervarietal mapping population in the form of recombinant inbred lines (RILs) developed from a cross between SPR8198 (a PHS tolerant genotype) and HD2329 (a PHS susceptible cultivar) was used for this purpose. The parents and the RIL population were grown in six different environments and the data on PHS were collected in each case. A framework linkage map of chromosome 3A with 13 markers was prepared and used for QTL analysis. A major QTL (QPhs.ccsu-3A.1) was detected on 3AL at a genetic distance of ~183 cM from centromere, the length of the map being 279.1 cM. The QTL explained 24.68% to 35.21% variation in individual environments and 78.03% of the variation across the environments (pooled data). The results of the present study are significant on two counts. Firstly, the detected QTL is a major QTL, explaining up to 78.03% of the variation and, secondly, the QTL showed up in all the six environments and also with the pooled data, which is rather rare in QTL analysis. The positive additive effects in the present study suggest that a superior allele of the QTL is available in the superior parent (SPR8198), which can be used for marker-aided selection for the transfer of this QTL allele to obtain PHS-tolerant progeny. It has also been shown that the red-coloured grain of PHS tolerant parent is not associated with the QTL for PHST identified during the present study, suggesting that PHS tolerant white-grained cultivars can be developed.

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