Equilibrium properties of hydrogen gas from 5000° to 20000°K

Sinanoğlu, O. ; Vardya, M. S. ; Mortensen, E. M. ; Johnson, W. C. (1962) Equilibrium properties of hydrogen gas from 5000° to 20000°K Physics of Fluids, 5 (6). pp. 665-671. ISSN 0031-9171

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Equilibrium properties of hydrogen gas are calculated from 5000° to 20 000°K by considering it as a monatomic gas with imperfections. The usual "H2 and H equilibrium" method is not suitable at high temperatures even with anharmonicity corrections. Properties are obtained from the second virial coefficient B(T) of the monatomic gas and its derivatives. For the 1Σ state the Rydberg potential and for the 3Σ the best numerical potential is used. Ionization, higher excited states, and quantum effects are examined. The third virial coefficient for H3 is estimated and it is shown that properties from B(T) part alone are sufficient up to pressures of 1000 atm at 10 000°K and 13 000 atm at 20 000°K. Results are compared with those of the "equilibrium constant" approach.

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