Characterization of proline-containing right-handed α-helix by molecular dynamics studies

Sankararamakrishnan, R. ; Sreerama, N. ; Vishveshwara, Saraswathi (1991) Characterization of proline-containing right-handed α-helix by molecular dynamics studies Biophysical Chemistry, 40 (1). pp. 97-108. ISSN 0301-4622

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Proline residues play a special role in shaping the secondary and tertiary structures of proteins. Many of these aspects have been studied in great detail. Current interest lies in elucidating the structure of right-handed α-helical fragments which contain proline in the middle of the helix. Such structures play an important role in membrane proteins and in the tight packing of globular proteins. Analysis of several crystal structures and energy minimization using flexible geometry have elucidated the nature of the bend produced by proline in the right-handed α-helical structure. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation studies are ideally suited to characterize rigidity or flexibility in different parts of the molecule and can also give an idea of various conformations of the molecule which can exist at a given temperature. Hence, MD studies on Ace-(Ala)6-Pro-(Ala)3-NHMe have been carried out for 100 ps after equilibration and the resulting trajectories have been analyzed. Information regarding the average values, r.m.s. fluctuations of internal parameters and the time spent in different conformations are discussed. Energy minimization has been carried out on selected MD simulated points in order to analyze the characteristics of different conformations.

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Keywords:Proline-containing Right-handed A-helix; Molecular Dynamics; α-Helix Bend; Average Structural Parameters
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