International low-frequency very-long-baseline interferometry network project milestones

Molotov, I. ; Kovalenko, A. ; Samodurov, V. ; Lipatov, B. ; Dementiev, A. ; Antipenko, A. ; Snegirev, S. ; Nechaeva, M. ; Reznikova, V. ; Altunin, V. ; Benz, A. ; Mantovani, F. ; Stanghellini, C. ; Tuccari, G. ; Konovalenko, A. ; Falkovich, I. ; Gridin, A. ; Ananthakrishnan, S. ; Balasubramanian, V. ; Sankararaman, M. ; Hong, X. ; Huang, X. ; Shiguang, L. ; Dougherty, S. ; Del Rizzo, D. ; Fink, A. ; Liu, X. ; Na, W. ; Zhang, J. ; Kus, A. ; Borkowski, K. ; Quick, J. ; Nicolson, G. ; Shmeld, I. ; Koyama, Y. ; Sekido, M. ; Gorshenkov, Yu. ; Poperechenko, B. ; Saurin, V. ; Ozolins, G. ; Bezrukov, D. ; Zhang, X. (2003) International low-frequency very-long-baseline interferometry network project milestones Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions, 22 (4-5). pp. 743-752. ISSN 1055-6796

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The low-frequency very-long-baseline interferometry network (LFVN) project was started in 1996, having the purpose to arrange the international very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI) cooperation with participation of former Soviet Union radio telescopes. Currently there are three directions of LFVN development: a Mk 2 subsystem at 92 cm wavelength for solar research, an international S2 ad hoc array at 18 cm for active Galactic nuclei and OH-maser survey, and VLBI radar at 6 cm for investigation of Solar System bodies. 14 VLBI experiments were carried out using various combinations of radio telescopes in Canada, China, England, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and USA. The five sessions were processed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California Institute of Technology) Block II and Dominion Radio Astrophysics Laboratory Penticton correlators. The Russian Mk 2 correlator in Nizhny Novgorod is under development. The paper describes the main project milestones, results obtained so far and further plans.

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