A new semiconducting ferroelectric [Ga1-xGexTe]

Bose, D. N. ; Pal, S. (1994) A new semiconducting ferroelectric [Ga1-xGexTe] Materials Research Bulletin, 29 (2). pp. 111-118. ISSN 0025-5408

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The dielectric properties of a new semiconducting alloy Ga1-xGexTe (x=0.10 - 0.49) have been studied and found to show ferroelectric behavior. The crystal structure was found to be GaTe-like (monoclinic) upto x = 0.10 and changed to GeTe-like (rhombohedral) from x = 0.25. The dielectric constants (ε c and ε ⊥c) at 300K increased monotonically with x reaching 255 and 360 respectively at x = 0.49. The Curie temperature Tc decreased from 497° C for x = 0.10 to 428°C for x = 0.49, the transition being shown to be of second order. Ferroelectric behavior was confirmed by well - defined hysteresis curves, the spontaneous polarisation (Ps) being 5.75 μ C/cm2 and the coercive field (Ec) 85 kV/cm at 300K for x = 0.35. The band-gap of the alloy decreased from 1.66 eV for x = 0 to 0.62 eV for x = 0.49 indicating its semiconducting nature, the highest resistivity of 105 Ω-cm being obtained in the layer plane for x = 0.10.

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