Collective motions in classical liquids. III. Liquid sodium

Pathak, K. N. ; Singwi, K. S. ; Cubiotti, G. ; Tosi, M. P. (1973) Collective motions in classical liquids. III. Liquid sodium Il Nuovo Cimento B (1971-1996), 13 (1). pp. 185-195. ISSN 0369-3554

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The atomic dynamics of liquid sodium at high frequencies and short wavelengths is investigated on the basis of the theory developed for liquid argon in paper II of this series and using the static structure factor and the velocity autocorrelation function determined by Eahman and by Schiff by computer simulation with two different interionic potentials. Specifically, numerical calculations are presented for the spectral function of the longitudinal-current correlations, the quasielastic scattering and the scattering law in the range of momentum transfer (0.3÷6) Å−1. The results of the calculation appear to be in fair agreement with the rather scarce neutron scattering data which are available at present.

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