Are many pulsars processed in binary systems?

Deshpande, A. A. ; Ramachandran, R. ; Srinivasan, G. (1995) Are many pulsars processed in binary systems? Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 16 (1). pp. 53-67. ISSN 0250-6335

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A detailed statistical analysis of pulsarcurrent is presented. The conclusions reached are the following: (1) The birthrate of pulsars is about one in 75 ± 15 years. (2) There is evidence forinjection of pulsars into the population of solitary pulsars. Such an injection is particularly pronounced in the magnetic field range 12 < logB < 12.6. (3) This is interpreted as due torecycled pulsars being released into the population. (4) We tentatively conclude that as much as 10 - 15% of all pulsars may have been born and processed in binary systems.

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